Monday, January 4, 2010

Achievement Lists

Welcome to Over There.... erm over here.

Here I will show achievements made by the girls and guys of Over There.
Seeing how adding these things on that update will disrupt the story line and we don't want that, I have created this blog.
As a simmer, you may or may not be interested in individual's LTW or other achievements they may accomplish over their life time.

Warning.. there are spoilers...



Aeronwy Diobhell
Angelia CappE
Brooke Friended
CeeCee Me
Deb Cee
Heather Sergeant
Keth Holder
Kimmy Quartermaine
Lisa Friended
Lynn Genet
Oydie Myth
Ruby Babii
Sariana Vick
Shaunna Phish
Suzi Kat
Tracy Samhain

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